About Me


Who Am I?

Tough question. I guess that if you combine my varied education and professional experience, the result is something we could call a “communications expert.” We could even call me an “online communications expert.” You can find some examples of my work at Kokorugs.com/.

I’ve worked in journalism since the early 2000s. I can proudly say that I was trained in online news production by an amazing team of internationally-recognized online journalists in Spain. I’ve written and owned blogs, produced and hosted online video sections and edited others’ stories for online publication. Working with sites online has also lead to me dabbing in some web development. I worked for a site that was distributing a health supplement, and I would like to believe that as much as learned, I was also able to teach them a few things and help them as well. You can visit our website if you would like to see some of my work, although there are several other examples that I will show you here as well.

Offline, I have worked for TV and radio stations, as well as magazines and newspapers. I’ve also been a producer and a fixer.

Since 2011, apart from writing stories for different publications, I research and teach at a Canadian university. I recently finished my doctoral dissertation, which explores how journalists understand and deal with audience participation. I am also involved in projects related to online video games and I teach courses and workshops on Communication Studies and writing techniques.

I was born in Spain but I have studied and worked in Finland, Mexico and Canada. For some reason, I love living always “somewhere else” – whatever that might mean. Since starting my PhD, I’ve come to enjoy running (guess why), watching absurd TV series and, from December to April, dreaming about sunny beaches.


2011 September - 2015 December

Concordia University

PhD in Communication Studies

Dissertation title: ‘Audiences’ Participation in Making News: The Impact of User-Generated Content in Mainstream Journalism’

PhD research presented at:

  • Nov 2014: ECREA 2015. Lisbon
    Poster presented: ‘Pure Players and Their Relationship with their Audiences: The Cases of eldiario.es and El HuffPost’
  • June 2014: Encuentro 2014. The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
    Paper presented: ‘Los Indignados and their relationship with the news media’
  • Dec 2013: Online journalism and its publics. Université Libre de Bruxelles
    Paper presented: ‘New small media outlets and their relationship with their audiences; the case of eldiario.es’
  • April 2013: International Symposium in Online Journalism. University of Texas at Austin
    Paper presented: ‘Researching on the new relationship between audiences and journalism: A methodological toolkit’
  • Oct 2012: Meaningful Play 2012. Michigan State University
    Paper presented: ‘Journalism and games: Just a spoonful of sugar for the news?’


Serrano Vazquez, Irene (2013) ‘Researching The New Relationship Between Audiences and Journalism: A Methodological Toolkit’ # ISOJ Volume 3, Issue 1: The official research journal of the International Symposium on Online Journalism. BookBrewer.

Serrano Vazquez, Irene. (2013). [Review of the book Journalism after September 11]. Global Media
Journal — Canadian Edition, 6(1), 85-87.

2009 September - 2010 September

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Master in Literary Studies

Thesis title: ‘Electronic Literature: The Mutation of Classical Literary Genres on the Internet’ (Grade: 10/10)

Master research presented at:

  • Nov 2010: Symposium: ‘21 Century Great Storytellers: Television Series’. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
    Paper Presented: ‘Transmedia storytelling: from the screen to the network and from Internet to book’.
  • May 2010: International Conference: Spaces and Writings from Exile. Universidad  Complutense de Madrid.
    Paper Presented: ‘The Net as a new space for exile’

2001 September - 2007 September

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

BA in Journalism

International experiences during BA studies:           

  • 2006 / 2007: Exchange Program
    Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • 2004 / 2005: Erasmus Program
    Tampere University, Tampere (Finland)


Other relevant education

2015: Certificate in Entrepreneurial Journalism. Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
2014/ 2015: Certificate in Leadership. Concordia University. 18 h + MBTI testing
2012: Certificate in University Teaching. Concordia University. 15 h
2011: Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. UNED.
2007: Certificate in Digital Photography. Escuela Look. Madrid. 20 h

Work Experience

Journalism and Communication

2008 August - Present


El País, Vanity Fair Spain, El Mundo, Telecinco, soitu.es, Heineken Magazine, Traveler, El Viajero, Marie Claire, Calle 20, Huffington Post, ICON

    • Worked as freelance and contract reporter
    • Worked as freelance correspondent from Mexico, Colombia and Canada
    • Wrote news stories and maintained blogs for various international publications and TV stations
    • Published fiction stories and wrote scripts
    • Focused on Arts, Culture and Travel
    • Produced and hosted an online video section
    • Managed social media sites

2010 February - 2010 November

Communication Department Head

Milimetrado: diseño y producción multimedia

  • Wrote press releases and sales pitches for e-commerce website
  • Created and launched online marketing campaigns
  • Managed social media sites
  • Coordinated contributors

2008 May - 2010 February


BBC / WFP (United Nations)

  • Produced PSAs, news stories and documentaries for TV and radio
  • Acted as a liaison (‘fixer’) for foreign correspondents and delegates
  • Coordinated international teams
  • Conducted research and interviews for news stories

2007 June - 2009 November

Online Editor

June 2007 / August 2008: Soitu.es
July 2009 / November 2009: marie-claire.es

  • Edited, selected and wrote news stories
  • Coordinated contributors so that their texts were delivered on time
  • Contributed to social media sites

2002 June - 2006 November

Intern Reporter

October 2005 / September 2006: elmundo.es
September 2003 / July 2004: Cambio 16
September 2002 / July 2003: Operadores Logísticos

  • Wrote daily and weekly articles with a focus on Economy, International Affairs and Culture
  • Trained in online journalism during its early years in Spain

Work Experience


2015 May - 2015 September

Digital Strategist

Ultra México

  • External consultant assisting with the development of the online news strategy
  • Performed analysis of the current platform: information architecture, social networks, digital storytelling
  • Recommended future directions for improvement
  • Created materials for training journalists in online news production

Work Experience


2014 September - Present

Project Coordinator

CIBRG project
Sociology Department / Concordia University

  • Assisted with design of research project
  • Selected and coordinated staff for the project
  • Managed budget
  • Organized team work and meetings
  • In charge of the creation, organization, design and information technology of the project website

2011 September - 2013 September

Research Assistant

Research Assistant for the mLab
Communication Studies Department/ Concordia University

  • Assisted with design of research projects
  • Performed literature reviews
  • Conducted interviews with participants
  • Wrote papers for journals and conferences

Research presented at:

Jan 2014: HICSS – Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences                            
Paper presented (co-authored with Dr. Mia Consalvo): ‘Cheating, Social Network Games; the Importance of Platforms’


Serrano Vázquez, I, & Consalvo, M. (2013). Cheating in social network games. New Media & Society, 1461444813516835.

Consalvo, M. and Serrano Vazquez, I (2015), ‘Game platforms and the evolution of cheating practices: An exploratory study’, Journal of Gaming; Virtual Worlds 7: 1, pp. 3–19, doi: 10.1386/jgvw.7.1.3_1



Research Assistant for the  Adventures in Research-Creation project
Communication Studies Department / Concordia University

  • Organized research group meetings
  • Conducted interviews with experts on research creation
  • Helped with the translation of a software developed in the research group

Work Experience


2014 May - 2015 June

Workshop Facilitator

Graduate Reading/Writing Resource Support
GradProSkills Department* / Concordia University

  • Delivered reading/writing skills resources for graduate students
  • Designed workshops on peer review and editing techniques for graduate students
  • Created learning materials on reading and writing strategies and project management for graduate students
  • Coached graduate students for the 3MT** competition
  • Created materials to help graduate students prepare for the 3MT competition

*The GradPro Skills program at Concordia University offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows skills development workshops, on-line resources and responsive learning options designed to enrich the graduate experience and transition into a future career.

**The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an international academic competition that assists current graduate students with fostering effective presentation and communication skills. Participants have just three minutes to explain the breadth and significance of their research project to a non-specialist audience.

2013 September - 2013 December

Part-time faculty

Communication Studies Department / Concordia University

  • Created learning materials, syllabus and activities for an undergraduate level Media Genres course
  • Led weekly lectures and assisted students with their assignments
  • Graded students’ work and held office hours

2012 January - 2013 December

Teaching Assistant

Communication Studies Department / Concordia University

  • Led tutorials for two undergraduate level Media History and Media Criticism courses
  • Designed course material and led Spanish conversation groups
  • Prepared tutorial material and activities to complement course material
  • Assisted students with their assignments and graded their work


Modern Languages Department/ Concordia University, Montreal

  • Designed course material and led Spanish conversation groups

2010 December - 2010 December


Embassy of the Netherlands, Madrid (Spain)

  • Created a one month intensive course on journalism writing for new Communications department executives
  • Led weekly tutorials
  • Created learning materials for executives

Skills & Knowledge

  •  Information Architecture
  •  WordPress
  • Google Analytics & SEO
  •  Social Networks
  • Web Usability
  •  Microsoft Office
  • Photoshop skills
  • Digital Photography
  • Photo Composition
  • Basic Video Editing
  • HTML
  •  Blogging